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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

About Nepal
Official Name:                        Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Location:                                South Asia
Capital:                                  Kathmandu
Area:                                      147,181 sq km
Population:                          26,620,809( Nepal census 2011 preliminary report),
                                              males(12,927,431) and females (13,693,378)
Time:                                   GMT +5.45
Language:                          Official language - Nepali (spoken by 49%) more than 100 regional and
                                            indigenous languages
Religion:                             Manly Hindu(81%), Buddhist(11%) Muslim minority(4%) and other(4%)         
Natinol Calender: - The Nepali calender is called Bikram sambat(BS) and is lunar Calendar, which is about 57 years ahead of the English calendar.
Geography: A landlocked former kingdom sharing with India to the East,West and South and Tibet to the North and Northwest, the larger part of the Country lies on the Southem slope of the Himalayas and extends down from the highest peaks through the hills region to the plains known as Terai bordering India.
Climate: The Climate ranges from subtropical in the south and temperate in the hills to arctic at the higher altitudes. The monsoons begin in June and Continue up to September, there are four distinct seasons-
1.    March to May :Spring ( warm and dusty with rain showers)
2.    June to August: Summer  (dominated by the monsoon)
3.    Late September to November: Autumn (cool with clear skies-most popular trekking season )
4.    December to February: Winter (cold at night and can be foggy in the early morning; afternoons are usually clear and pleasant ). There is occasional snow in the mountains.                 
Currency: Nepalese Rupee                                     

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